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Master Giancarlo PUGLISI

ASD club Scherma Modica SICILY

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Master Lorenzo RADICE


Accademia Scherma Milano

Italy started to develop visually impaired fencing in 2010, it was at the ASD Scherma Modica club that the idea was born.

The objective was to make fencing known and to make a practice for the blind and visually impaired public. Before this date the practice of fencing for the visually impaired existed but without the spirit of competition.

At the very beginning it concerned three clubs (ASDScherma Modica, Caltanissetta and San Lazzaro) with a total of 9 athletes. The initial project was financed by companies which sponsored the process.

During the first three years, from 2010 to 2013, there were no official competitions, only presentations at the sports organizations of the Italian championship.

In 2014, the Italian Fencing Federation after having supervised and evaluated the technical merit of the practitioners and the growing number of them, officially announced the creation of the Italian Championship for the Blind .

During this championship they counted 7 clubs for a total of twenty athletes (12 men and 8 women). Since that date 6 women's and men's titles have been awarded.

This championship is accessible after two participations in national competitions. Currently this championship is aimed at shooters over 14 years old.

From that moment the number of practitioners exploded. In 2020 ITALY counts 15 clubs which practice this discipline in competition. A workforce of 48 athletes is listed (31 men and 17 women) including 6 in the U-14 category.

This growth is due to the visibility of this practice during official competitions of the Italian Fencing Federation. Specific training for blind fencing technicians included in the Fencing training course. But also in arbitration, the referees after having acquainted with the rules must make a specialization on the ground.

Italy's ambition is now to collaborate with other European nations who practice this discipline to promote visually impaired fencing around the world and become a Paralympic.

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Mr Adrien Miss Laura LAZZARI Mr Jean Paul FOSSEY


Contacts: ASDScherma Modica club

Master Puglisi Giancarlo



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