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Dress: Identical to FIE prescriptions

The mask: 1600NW


Protections: whether in training or in competition, wearing plastic protections (bustier, shell) are mandatory.

Blackout glasses : in order to put all participants on an equal footing, wearing a HANDI LIFE type blackout glasses is compulsory


Dimension 14m X 1.50m.

A 14 m displacement axis is added above or below the track depending on the material of the latter. This displacement band is 10 cm wide for a thickness of 3 mm to 5 mm maximum.

Weighted pedestal poles can be placed to the right or left depending on the shooter's lateralization to the warning lines.

The metal sheet tracks allow the axis of movement to be fixed by screwing onto the plates.

For flexible slopes, the central strip will be positioned under the slope



Recent devices can be modified to hear three different right-left and double-touch signal sounds associated with lights.

Shooters now know who has hit.

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